When you’re tested you have to be ready to react with a plan. Never go off if emotions as that will make the situation even worse. I’ve learned that not everyone is trustworthy of your kindness and that the most immature individuals at times are the adults, when we should be able to sort and work out their issues. I’ve been listening to 48 laws of powers and I haven’t been doing so well following the laws of power. This tour has really given me clarity on a lot of things. I’ve pretty much done it all. From NY Fashion week, Hair shows, editorial and print photoshoots, magazine publishings, bridal, special effects, theatre to Television and that in itself says a lot about my drive.

Now 14 cities in with 26 more to go, I’m already tired, at time frustrated and mostly just missing my family. The good news is I will get to go home a few times in October. Not for long periods, but anything at this point will due. I never could have imagined how hard it would be to leave my kids. I miss yelling, folding their clothes, going to our family gym etc…I just want to hug them. 

This tour has tested my marriage; How to manage distance, being separated for the first time past a week. Sometimes it seems like it’s not worth it but my passion just won’t let me believe that. My husband has been super supportive throughout this whole ordeal but has also expressed his concerns. Could you imagine marrying someone with a 9 to 5 and then 4 years later they decide to be an entrepreneur? It’s not easy and it takes a certain type of relationship to withstand these hard times. 

My mom who has been a blessing, has taken over all of my mommy and day to day duties and I appreciate her for that. She supports everything I do and only wants to see me thrive. I couldn’t have done this without her either. My angel neighbor Laurey, steps in from time to time to pick up my little one from school when my husband is away for work. Like the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a family. I know that to be very true.

I am most grateful. Until the next time….