It was an early morning as usual for me, but today in particular because you just never know with this weather what could change. I was scheduled to leave at 9am to catch a flight out of Atlanta to Austin Texas, but due to the weather conditions the flights were cancelled.

So I’ve been on the bus now for about 8hrs and we still have about 6hrs more to go lol. We’ve made two stops, one in Alabama and the other in Mississippi.  It’s really been a long day, a lot to repacking and rearranging, prepping for the next city. You really have to be organized when traveling on the road like this and I would definitely say that I over packed. So when I reach to Philadelphia, I will be dropping off a suitcase with my husband. I’ve learned that most of these theaters have wash rooms, so I got myself some PODS and I think I’ll be able to manage my wardrobe.

So another tip to my mua sisters and brother is DON’T OVER PACK. I even had a little hiccup with my suitcase, trying to help out a friend whose suitcase ripped, I took on some of her items and broke one of my zippers, good thing it was only one. 

The last tour I did was nowhere near as long, and I really miss all the extra down time I had. I was able to Uber around the town and do some exploring, but with this tour, it’s almost impossible.

The hardest part so far is the full inspection for bed bugs that I do at every hotel check-in lol. It’s not like I’m unpacking or anything, but I don’t want to bring home any blood sucking creatures, well any sort of creatures for that matter.

Until next time….