So don’t think that I haven’t been keeping up with the news regarding hurricane Irma because I have. My family is in constant concern of my safety while on the road but according to our schedule which I’ve just arrived back in Atlanta from Columbus South Carolina, hurricane Irma will arrive on Monday at stage 1 and we’re schedule to leave on Sunday Sept. 10th for Charlotte North Carolina. So we’re headed back North for one day.

My heart goes out to those injured, the 3 deaths and many of families who are suffering the financial repercussions of this hideous monster etc…

Respectfully moving along, today was the first show for the tour. It wasn’t too hectic as far as my role (makeup artist) for the play. Did I mention that Momma’s Boy is almost 4hrs worth of comedy and drama. What a great playwright. The producer and writer Priest Tyaire is amazing might I say. If you follow me on Facebook, you will see a snippet of him coming onto the bus. I’m #teampriest all day. Through his vision, he has created a phenomenal script, a dedicated crew that wants to see him win and a wonderful and talented cast that I have had the privilege to do makeup for, but have also gotten to know them on a more person level.

I’ve been with Priest Tyaire productions for a little over a year, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I remember the day I was introduced to his wife Mrs. Priest, whom is so professional might I add and cares a great deal about our treatment etc… I am grateful for the both of them.

But you know what I did want to discuss? How to pack both clothes and makeup for over 15 cast members for 3 months. It was quite a challenge getting all or should I say most of my makeup items into one carry-on suitcase, but I did it. After all that hard work of packing and stuffing, the airport makes you take it apart. They also made me check my luggage since I was in group 7. So I have taken note, to mention that I need to be in group 5 or below. Otherwise I’m doomed and yes some of my makeup did break. I also took note to mark my luggage with large orange tags that says fragile in case it is checked again the future, because right before you board the plan those check in points don’t normally have fragile stickers. 

And yes some items were bubble wrapped and tapped up but I could only tape and bubble wrap but so much before it took up more room in my carry-on then I would have liked. But I packed a ton of black clothing, as that is the dress code of a MUA. My personal suitcase mainly consisted of……see list below

Tons of black leggings, comfortable black tops, scarf, hoodie, raincoat and pouch, sweater, uggs, 3 pairs of sneakers (which include my gym sneakers), Knee boots, peep-toe pumps, toiletries, my personal makeup, pj’s, head scarves, hair products, feminine products, drying rack, portable speakers, airport pillow, hats, laptop & charger, headphones, several sets of stud earrings, notebook, pens, vitamins, light snacks, socks, underwear, bras, shades, luggage scale, tights, bedbug spray, hair products etc…

As for my professional makeup case….

Foundation, concealer, setting powder, swabs, sponges, makeup remover, 91% rubbing alcohol, lip balm, cotton rounds, lipsticks, mascara, mascara wands, lips wands, lip gloss, ibuprofen, makeup remover wipes, hand sanitizer, cape, shower caps, eye drops, hair clips, hair bands, blush, tweezers, palette, spatula, lash curlers, lashes, lash applicator, eyeshadow, eyeliner, press powder, bronzer, highlighter, corrector, brow products, lipliners, setting sprays, brushes, caty bag, lowel light kit, facial cleanser, anti shine products etc…. crazy right?

Well fold it’s now 6:53am. I got in at 5:00am, showered prepped for tomorrow and got right to this blog. Good for me, good day for you.


Left: Priest’s best friend Carl Lolley

Right: The man himself, writer, producer, actor Priest Tyaire.