I’ve only been on the road for two days, well today is day three and I’ve checked into two hotels. The first thing I do before my luggage is even unzipped, is check the bed for bedbugs and the side table drawers. Once in the clear, I begin packing a overnight bag for the 2nd hotel. I then grab a bite to eat and some snack for the road.

Lobby call time was at 9:30am and we didn’t leave until 11:00am. But that is how it goes sometimes.  Columbus South Carolina here we finally come!! The ride wasn’t too bad, although I thought I would be able to sleep, my mind was too heavy on the shows, getting .

Upon arrival, i decided to go straight to the theatre and begin to prep for the next day’s show. The best thing you can do for yourself while on the road is to stay organize and when you get extra time to prep, take full advantage it.

So today is the first showcase and we will be at the Township Auditorium for the 8pm show. If you’re in Columbus SC or near by, get you some tickets, because this show is something special. You don’t want to miss this!