I’ve been very fortunate within my makeup career to travel etc… I’ve managed to build relationships with many big names within the industry. Friends and family would say, “it’s only a matter of time and that doors would open for me.” It wasnt easy, I can a test to that and I’m still working hard to build both my name and brand. Many sleepless nights, bounced checks (which is another story within itself), false promises….believe me I have stories.

But along the way there are some priceless moments. I’ve met a lot of true genuine and remarkable beings. When you do, you hold them dear. They’ve encouraged me to keep going and reminded me how remarkable I am. For that I am grateful.

Moving right along….bringing you the real deal from the road.

I arrived in Atlanta yesterday and I did have a little bit of a breather to myself. I checked in (yes it’s covered in my contract lol) and my first stop is always the grocery store. It can be costly. I personally travel with a mini bullet and smoothie it most of the tour. So that means weight loss, yes. Or you can gain eating a ton of fast food which is always an option lol.

So last night I ate dinner late but it was a bit of pepper jack cheese, veggie crackers,turkey pepperoni, granola bar, cup of tea with a wine cooler. I know what you’re thinking but hey lol. This morning I had blended spinach, carrots, apples, greek plain yogurt and water. I then had a bowl of fresh fruit and comfort tea. (I make sure I sure I carry my soothing tea to help keep me calm. Oh and make sure to carry your vitamins and zicam as the climates change from state to state etc…

Today we’re on the tour bus headed to Columbus, SC for one day and then we head back to Atlanta for two days and then we’re off to charlotte, NC. I will post pictures and keep you al posted on my journey.

Until the next time…

My breakfast view

Hotel Refrigerator